The Luma Group is looking for support in several ways. Having gone through a period of ‘hibernation’ we are now ready to recommence our work. So we are looking for support in two ways.

The group needs trustees and one or two volunteers who can put in a small amount of time on a semi-regular basis. Trustees would need to meet once or twice a year. We are keen on finding people with experience in the charity sector who understand good governance practice. Most importantly, we need a fundraiser and someone who has contacts in the ‘corporate’ world.

And that leads us to the second type of support. We cannot provide workshops without funding. Although we did receive a lottery grant several years ago, we are also aware that funding is becoming increasingly hard to find. So we need access to large organisations that take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously so that we can put ourselves forward as potential partner deliverers in that area. Obviously, we would also wish to apply for funding from the usual sources and that is why we would like to find the right person to do that for us.

We know that we can deliver great experiences for our clients and we are looking for people who share our vision and want to make it happen. So if you would like to get involved, please get in touch via the contact page.

If anyone coming across this site wishes to make a donation, please contact us so that we can tell you how to do so.